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Report Program Generator, a programming language, was developed by IBM during the 1960's.  Although IBM introduced RPG during an era of other commonly used programming languages such as Fortran, Cobol and Assembler, RPG gained wide acceptance as a quick and easy method of writing programs for a variety of business applications. As a result, RPG gained popularity on small-scale computer systems and quickly stepped into medium and large-scale installations.


Evolving with IBM's various midrange and mainframe computer systems, the RPG programming language has progressed from RPG to RPG II, to RPG III, to RPG IV, to RPG ILE and now RPG Free.


Much of the success and quick acceptance of RPG is because of its ability to handle some specific "housekeeping" chores that other languages only perform manually.  The "inner clock" in the RPG Cycle addresses areas such as opening files, clearing and loading successive field values, turning indicators on and off, as well as following a program's logical progression from input to output.


IBM has continually enhanced the RPG programming language, providing new operations that simplify the code and greater flexibility to control integration across platforms.  The latest and greatest ILE version, Integrated Language Environment,  presents RPG in the most structured, modular format ever, allowing programs to "branch out" to external routines of various languages, yet still perform as if they were one.  Again, IBM has further enhanced the code by providing built-in functions (BIFs) and breaking away from fixed format specifications with RPG Free.  Keep it coming IBM!

Remote Programming & Guidance

My career as an RPG Programmer evolved with the IBM midrange computers (SYS34, SYS36, AS/400, iSeries), successively coding in RPG II, RPG IV and ILE.  The majority of my experience is within the manufacturing and warehouse distribution industries, focusing on the financial arena of management information systems.  Progressing within small IT shops, I have over 16 years experience in full life cycle application development, providing solid disciplines in project management and broad based exposure to business applications.  I enjoy identifying and developing solutions, while taking advantage of every learning opportunity along the way.  

RPG 911 is available for on-call RPG programming and technical support within the AS/400 community.  Thanks to the unlimited boundaries of the internet, these services are offered to clients virtually anywhere.

RPG 911 invites clients to participate in an open-ended business relationship. You have the flexibility to utilize my services when needed, control your operating expenses and let your internal staff continue to manage daily business issues.

RPG 911 offers long-term services, but is available for short term situations such as:

  • Special projects

  • Recent vacancy or leave of absence; left short handed

  • Urgent requests; overburdened staff

  • Project backlog assistance

  • Platform migration

  • Software maintenance

  • Database maintenance/conversions

  • 3rd party package installation & application interface

  • Technical support & troubleshooting

  • Job recovery; system failure

RPG 911 also offers other virtual services to aid IT shops, including team building, job sharing, recruiting assistance and virtual assistant duties.

Are you tired of dealing with the interviewing/hiring cycle over and over again?  Well then, please spend a few minutes with me.  You are more than welcome to review my services and resume, as well as get acquainted with some of my associates Links to some helpful resources are also available. 

The door is open....come on in!

Thank you for visiting!

Barbara Chaderton



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